Synthetic Polyisoprene (Latex-Free) Sheets

Synthetic Polyisoprene (Latex-Free) Sheets

Elastomer Inc. supplies synthetic rubber/polyisoprene latex-free sheets used as inserts in orthopedic drapes to help create a sterile field and meet procedural draping needs during surgery. The synthetic polyisoprene formulation is identical to natural rubber latex, without the proteins, and provides a latex-like advantage in terms of comfort and feel.

Our high quality latex-free sheets are ideal components of a drape sheet and are available in different sizes to meet manufacturer requirements for a variety of drape products.

  • Available in any width up to 900 mm (35″)
  • Thickness from 0.20 mm to 1 mm (0.008” to 0.040”)
  • Plain surface texture available, with either talc or silicone treatment
  • Can be supplied in rolls or cut to specific lengths as required by customer.


Synthetic Polyisoprene
Synthetic Polyisoprene

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