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Exercise Resistance Bands – Latex & Latex-FreeElastomer Inc
Exercise / Resistance Bands

Exercise / Resistance Bands

Exercise or resistance bands are recommended for use by physiotherapists, chiropractors and sports therapists in rehabilitation, and assist with restoring and building muscle strength and tonicity, and increasing joint function. They are also popular with fitness professionals and fans and sports trainers to assist in muscle strength training, as well as in endurance and balance training.

For a better grip, we provide a textured, powder-free surface on our latex-free bands. Both our latex and latex-free exercise bands are available in attractive colors that are coded to represent various levels or strength and resistance.

Customized resistance levels, widths, lengths, packaging and private labeling are available upon request on a special order basis.

Standard Specifications for Latex-Free Exercise Bands

Color Code Color Width Resistance Standard Length
Levels* lbs* kgs*
a Yellow 102 mm Light 9.98 4.5 1.5/20 meters (1.63/21.8 yards)
b Red 102 mm Medium 11.86 5.4 1.5/20 meters (1.63/21.8 yards)
c Green 102 mm Strong 13.73 6.2 1.5/20 meters (1.63/21.8 yards)
d Blue 102 mm Extra Strong 15.60 7.0 1.5/20 meters (1.63/21.8 yards)
e Black 102 mm Super Strong 16.85 7.7 1.5/20 meters (1.63/21.8 yards)

*At 100% elongation | * Tolerance +/- 10%

Standard Specifications for Latex Exercise Bands

Color Code Color Width Resistance Standard Length
Levels* lbs* kgs*
Red 127mm Thin 5.40 2.45 1.5/20 meters (1.63/21.8 yards)
Green 127mm Medium 6.75 3.07 1.5/20 meters (1.63/21.8 yards)
Blue 127mm Heavy 8.10 3.68 1.5/20 meters (1.63/21.8 yards)
Black 127mm Extra Heavy 10.13 4.60 1.5/20 meters (1.63/21.8 yards)
Silver 127mm Super Heavy 14.85 6.75 1.5/20 meters (1.63/21.8 yards)
Gold 127mm Maximum 16.88 7.67 1.5/20 meters (1.63/21.8 yards)

*At 100% elongation | * Tolerance +/- 10%


Latex-Free Exercise Band
Latex Exercise Band
20 mtr Latex Band
20 mtr Latex-Free Band

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