Elastomer Inc. distributes top quality latex and latex-free tourniquets to meet customer specifications. Tourniquets are available in several sizes, colors, and surface treatments and can be customized and branded on a special order basis.

Our tourniquets are also available with an easy fastening mechanism using Velcro, to further facilitate tying and untying.

Our tourniquets are:

  • Soft and comfortable for patients
  • Tear and slip resistant
  • Easy to tie and untie, with exceptional stretch recovery
  • An excellent fit on all limb shapes and sizes due to
    their high elasticity and length
  • Static free
  • Can be sterilized (Gamma or ETO)
  • Listed with the FDA in the U.S.
  • Available in customized sizes to meet customer’s requirements
  • Available with customized printing

Specifications for Tourniquets

Rubber Type
  • Natural rubber (latex)
  • Synthetic polyisoprene (latex-free)
Standard Sizes
  • 25 mm (1") wide, 0.5mm (0.020") thick, 457 mm (18”) long
  • 19 mm (3/4") wide, 0.5 mm (0.020") thick, 457 mm (18") long
  • 18 mm wide, 1.2 mm thick, 750 mm long (1/16 wide, 0.047” thick, 30” long)
  • Custom sizes by special order
  • Plain
  • Textured
How Supplied
  • Rolled and banded with a latex or latex-free rubber band
  • Rolled and tabbed,
  • Perforated
Surface Treatment
  • Talc
  • Silicone

Note: Tourniquets with a textured surface are not surface treated.

Latex-Free Tourniquet Colors
  • Blue and White
  • Latex tourniquet is available in color
  • Custom colors by special order
Latex Tourniquet Colors Straw (Beige)
  • 250 strips cut to 18” length in a polybag
  • Cut to 18” length, rolled and banded
  • 25 strips rolled on a core with perforation at 18” length
Customization Customized color, packaging and labeling are available on a special order basis


Rolled and Banded
Rolled and Tabbed

Perforation in Box

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