Elastomer Inc. guides customers through the process of selecting the right materials and specifications for their needs, and then supplies the products that meet their requirements in terms of thickness, width, surface finish, color, heat resistance and elasticity.
Latex (Natural Rubber) Products
Our latex (natural rubber) products are manufactured exclusively from international quality imported natural rubber. All other ingredients used in the product are also rated at the top grade of purity. Our state-of-the-art automated manufacturing process, which employs the latest equipment, takes place in a world-class facility. Medical elastic tapes/sheets are manufactured in a “Clean Room” in compliance with all sanitary and safety standards.

In order to meet our customers’ requirements, our general purpose elastic tapes/strips and medical elastic tapes/sheets are supplied in wide variety of widths, thicknesses and colors, as well as in different surface finishes.
Latex-Free (Synthetic Polyisoprene) Products
Elastomer Inc. also manufactures and supplies high quality latex-free (synthetic polyisoprene) products to meet customer requirements and specifications. Latex-free products are required for applications involving direct contact with the skin. Because of certain characteristic properties, they are also used by numerous apparel and textile manufacturers.

Elastomer Inc. supplies some of the leading global manufacturers in the apparel and textile industries. Because of their exceptional quality, our latex-free medical disposable products—such as tourniquets, esmarch bandage and drape sheets—are sought by numerous companies in the medical and healthcare industries.
Our Latex (Natural Rubber) and Latex-Free (Synthetic Polyisoprene) Product Line:
  1. Elastic rubber tapes used as insert elastics in:
    1. Undergarments, intimate apparel, lingerie, swimwear, sportswear and activewear
    2. Home textiles such as fitted bed sheets, sofa covers, etc.
    3. Customer-specific applications for medical disposables such as bouffant caps, face masks and disposable gowns, and industrial applications such as shock cords, vacuum bag closure, luggage pockets, etc.
  2. Tourniquets
  3. Esmarch bandage
  4. Drape sheets to be used as inserts in orthopedic drapes
  5. Exercise/resistance bands for use in physical rehabilitation therapy and fitness
Our elastic rubber tapes are available in different elastic forms such as smooth tape (with different surface finishes example high talc, low talc and silicone coated) and ribbed / textured tape.

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