Certifications & Advantages

Certifications & Advantages

Our products are:

ISO 9001:2008
  • Registered with the FDA in the U.S. (applicable to medical disposables)

Elastomer has been recognized as Best Supplier and Innovator of the Year awards by its top customers.

The Elastomer Advantage
Elastomer Inc. partners with customers to enhance their profitability and help reduce their manufacturing costs and is the preferred supplier of leading apparel and medical companies worldwide.

The products we supply are made from the finest materialshighest quality natural and synthetic rubber in a state-of-the art facility operating under stringent quality control standards to meet the requirements of customers around the world. With short production lead times and buffer stock availability around the world, Elastomer ensures timely delivery of products all over the world.

Our strip elastic is an excellent alternative to conventional elastic, delivering better quality.
Our heat resistant strip rubber/latex-free elastic tape retains its elasticity even after several washings, is dependable and very durable.

The high performance characteristics of our strip rubber elastic ensure manufacturers will have smooth production runs with minimum downtime.

Elastomer Inc. has highly qualified rubber technologists with a vast experience to address diverse customer needs and develop products to meet customer specifications.

Our production process involves stringent quality checks at predefined stages to ensure excellent results, always. Incoming raw materials and consumables are closely inspected for quality. We have also defined quality parameters for in-process inspections of all products before the material can move to the next step in the process.

Elastomer Inc. is recognized for its excellent products and customer service worldwide.

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