Grafting Tapes / Strips

Grafting Tapes / Strips

Preferred choice of more U.S. growers

  • Made from special natural rubber based compound.
  • Our grafting tapes are easy to apply along with a high rate of success on a wide variety of existing techniques, over a wide variety of plants.

Reduces Cost



Self Release Process

All Weather Use

Faster Application

Enviroment Friendly

Grafting Tapes / Strips for fruit bearing trees & plants and most of the flowering plants

The tapes attach quickly & easily, providing an even pressure over bound areas to help grafts knit faster.

Self-releasing strips / tapes offer buds protection from the start and deteriorate within a few weeks.

Keeps buds moist & secure.

Grafting Tapes / Strips – Sizes :

Length Width
4 inch 3/16 inch
5 inch 3/16 inch
6 inch 3/16 inch
5 inch 1/4 inch
6 inch 1/4 inch
8 inch 1/4 inch
6 inch 3/8 inch
8 inch 3/8 inch

*Customised sizes are available for special requirements


Always keep grafting tapes / strips out of direct exposure to sunlight or UV rays and store under ambient temperature and in closed containers, until ready to use. Exposure to UV radiations will initiate degradation of tapes.


7 Kgs boxes of continuous length or 500/1000 pcs per bag in cut to lengths.


Grafting Tapes


Application of Grafting Tapes

Grafting Tapes / Strips

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